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No. Our product is pure CBD which is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid, so you will experience no psychoactive effects.
You can read the latest scientific research surrounding CBD here. However, we cannot make any claims that our products will provide medical benefits due to the legal standards surrounding cannabis in Switzerland.
All of our CBD extracts and products offer the purest form of cannabidiol and contain no THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid tested for in common 12-panel drug tests. There are no standard drug tests on the market today that specifically test for the CBD cannabinoid as it provides no psychoactive effect and is not in high concentration in most strains of cannabis on the market today.
Industrial hemp is grown for its stalks, stems, and sterilized seeds. The harvest of the stalks, seeds and stems are utilized in making food, papers, body care products, plastics, fuel, detergents, textiles, and building materials. Cannabis is grown for its leaves, flowers, and seeds which are utilized in making medicines, dietary supplements and recreational products.
Shipping is important to us. We are shipping within 48 hours after you have made your payment. We use discrete envelopes without any visible branding. After we've completed your order, you will receive a tracking id to see where your lovely cbd is right now. You can always login to your account and check your order status there.
Yes we do. You will get it by e-mail once we ship your order or you can see where your package is in your profile under "My Account > Orders > View Order".
We would love for you to sell our product in your (online) store. Fill out this contact form to get the process started.
Yes, in Switzerland and most of the countries worldwide, CBD is legal. In Switzerland, everything with a THC content of below 1% is legal. We work, pay taxes and do business within Swiss law, jurisdiction and regulation.
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