About SwissXtracts

We are a young startup from Switzerland and are thrilled to bring you the best CBD on the market. We want to provide people a way to buy quality products that are lab-tested and extracted by professionals.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that we will find success and gain customer loyalty through providing consistent high quality, top of the line CBD products backed by superior customer support.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide innovative, high-quality CBD products to the world at a fair price. We offer many benefits to our customers including decades of expertise in the industry, effective production techniques, full transparency of product content, fair pricing and factual information surrounding CBD.


The team behind SwissXtracts consists of the individuals from Highlife Media and the producers at Bio Can AG based out of Switzerland.

Our Production

From the cultivation of high-quality CBD strains of Cannabis Sativa all the way to the manufacturing of our products, our entire production occurs in Switzerland. We do not utilize industrial hemp strains in any of our products. All products offered are 100% made from specific CBD strains of Cannabis Sativa. We utilize state of the art CO2 extraction techniques to produce and provide our customers with the highest quality CBD products possible. The combination of state of the art techniques and expertise in the extraction process allows us to offer a product that is as pure and effective as possible, just as nature intended. Our techniques also allow us to provide the highest CBD content in products on the market today. Our extraction processes always occur via CO2 extraction which provides benefits such as complete spectrum preservation of beneficial molecules. CO2 extraction is also safer and more environmentally friendly than other extraction methods utilized by other manufacturers today.


CBD or Cannabidiol is a natural cannabinoid found within the Cannabis Sativa plant. Our extraction process as well as our entire production model is designed to not add harmful substances thus maintaining the natural essence of CBD.

No additives

We oversee our entire production process which allows us to guarantee that there are absolutely no harmful additives used in the manufacturing of our CBD product. We can also guarantee via lab results that our product is free of solvents and all other harmful substances.


Every gram of product comes with a lab test that includes cannabinoid content, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals including cadmium, quicksilver, lead and arsenic. All testing is performed by a 3rd party testing lab in Switzerland. In the future, we will also be providing testing information regarding terpene analysis.

Labtest #1


Labtest #2


Any questions?

We aren't happy unless our customers are happy. If you have any questions or concerns no matter how big or small they may be, feel free to get in touch with us so we can remedy the situation and answer your questions as quickly as possible!